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Thread: Piebald....skewbald!??

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    i think you'll just find he changes colour naturally in summer - i'm not convinced its sun bleaching due to where he is most brown - the flank where he'd not get too much direct sun

    if he's not on any vits and mins i'd def put him on a broad spectrum something (vits and mins, balancer yada yada yada) though

    HRH is bright bay in spring then goes darker throughout the year to be dark bay over winter - i was once told her brightest colour was sun bleaching - until they realised the pictures were a) in scotland b) in april and when she first shed
    Same with mickey!! He used to change a lot but I thought from black to brown would be something other than just natural change lol!!

    Mickey summer -

    Mickey winter -

    R.I.P Mickey - 1996 - 31st May 2012

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    I think some of it is also due to genetics, there are very few "true black" horses, most are some variation of a very dark bay and this is why you see this change in colour in the summer. The winter hair is thicker and more coarse so appears to be black but when you see the shorter/finer hair you can see the bay colouring.

    My piebald does the same thing and most people think her daughter is black but she's actually a really dark bay


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