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Thread: Purston Manor Horse Trials Report!

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    Default Purston Manor Horse Trials Report!

    Gah! We almost had it, almost had a double clear!

    Bobby and I ventured off to Purston Manor in Northamptonshire to compete in the Pre-Novice Plus, which is Novice Dressage and SJ, then Pre-Novice XC.

    He was lovely in the dressage, did beautiful meduim trots and canters, the only negatives were that my serpentine loops weren't very even. Despite this he was given a fantastic mark of 31.5, whch I think put us about 5th.

    Now for some reason my showjumping hasn't been going very well recently and have picked up the terrible habit of grabbing onto him into the fences. I knew he had more than enough scope to go clear so focused solely on not pulling him and letting him get on with it himself. Bingo! Clear Round!

    So great I thought, the Pre-novice XC shouldn't be a problem as we went clear round it last year and I'm on a good enough score to ride for the time. Into the start box, off we went. Started beautifully, we got into a lovely rhythm and I didn't pull him the whole way around until we got to the 4TH LAST FENCE. It was a new fence, not massive, but scary (apparantly). My boy saw it, out of his left shoulder he goes. Argh! He'd run past it so I had to go all the way around to re-present and pop over it. So I finished the XC with 1 stop and 6 time faults, naughty pony!

    The monster fence!

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    Lovely pics!!
    Monster fence is fence of terror!!!!
    Shame about the xc but sounds like everything else was spot-on!

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    cool pics, scary fences!!

    R.I.P Mickey - 1996 - 31st May 2012

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    He's getting there bless him.

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    Well done both of you!
    The show jumping pics look great, considering you say you've been having bother lately.
    That scary way I'd have got over it first time either

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    Well done, he looks super !
    Native pony addict!

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    Thanks guys, he's a special pony!


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