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Thread: Some Spudcam and pics from Provost Lodge ride

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    Default Some Spudcam and pics from Provost Lodge ride

    As Wolfie is booked into borstal next month ( ) and I'll be going with him, I sort of figured I'd better get my riding muscles back into some sort of shape. Kezza very kindly said that I could borrow Spud for the Provost Lodge EGB ride yesterday.

    It's a bit further away than we would normally go for a pleasure ride, but I've always wanted to do Provost Lodge and now we've got the Spud Taxi travelling distances are much less stressful and much cheaper. So when the more local ride to us was cancelled we thought we'd give it a go.

    It started well when we bathed Spud on Friday night and he stood on my foot. Then on Saturday morning I squished my hand in the security gates at the yard when we went to go pick up the horse box (on the same side as my squished foot). Luckily people don't have to be fit to continue so we set off.

    It was all A1 to get there so we made good time. Spud travelled well and my hand had stopped hurting. We tacked up and off we went. Spud's little ears were pricked and he was well up for it.

    We started out along a long grassy track with crops of elephant grass either side of us, and the ride just got better and better from there with long, long grassy tracks.

    Had we so desired we could have cantered 90% of the ride quite easily, and the going was perfect. We palled up with a lady on a very nice welsh x trotter and the two horses rode quite well together. We had such a lovely, lovely ride. Even the weather was perfect - warm and dry with a nice cooling breeze.

    All too soon we were back at the venue and I was wishing that we'd booked to ride both days. I was pleased with Spud though. With all the rain his 'fitness regime' (such that it is) has been a bit hit and miss and I didn't think he was very fit. However, he felt brilliant yesterday and had plenty in the tank. In the immortal words of the terminator, 'we'll be back'.

    I did get some Spudcam too:

    Thank you very much to Leics & Rutland group. Me =

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    Spud is gorgeous, what beautiful photos! Well done to both of you, I've always fancied having a go at Endurance but not sure I'll be able to with Hoop as she has RAO (although I've yet to see any effects of it on her)

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    Looks like fun!

    That first pic is brilliant, should be in a frame! Spud is stunning
    Native pony addict!

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    Fab photos, he's lovely

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    Thanks for the lovely comments.

    8 legged pony - if Hoop is able to cope with a couple of hours of hacking, then you should be able to have a go. Before I did endurance I used to take my mare who had RAO (or COPD as it was then) hunting and that was far more strenuous than low level endurance. It's knowing what the triggers are and managing them in the best way to minimise the triggers.

    Red - I love that photo too. I think it's the best one I've got of me and Spud and I think it's going on the wall.


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