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Thread: Let's see your youngsters!

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    Default Let's see your youngsters!

    Thought this would just be a good excuse for a piccie thread, also I'm new so means I get to see all your lovely baby hosses!

    I have a 2.5yo cob baby, her previous owner said that her sire was a gypsy cob and dam was more of a riding type, but I'm think there is definitely some Shire/Clydesdale in there somewhere.

    She moves like a train but is a very simple soul, looking forward to backing her next year!!

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    Theres quite a big thread with lots of the TO babies on it, in foal to four I think. if you want a nosy.!

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    Doh!! Didn't see that one

    Mods, could you close this one as is just repetition of an existing thread


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