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Thread: Planning our first dressage outing

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    Default Planning our first dressage outing

    The local EC has started doing unaffiliated dressage leagues, they're just finishing their Summer league and I've accompanied my neighbour to a few. We've also brought Inca here to watch some dressage and to hire the arena as well.

    The place is so well run, with a nice crowd supporting the dressage, that I've decided we're definitely going to bring Inca to the October 13th date to pootle round a Prelim or two.

    There's a chance that we maaaay take her to the Sep 8th date to practice working in with others and maybe try our hand at an Intro, but this is dependent on whether my neighbour takes her boy or not.

    It sounds like a fair way off, but looking at the calendar it really isn't! I'm sure our first attempt will involve lots of napping and a flid out at the judge's hut, but my main aim will only be to get her out for the experience and learn that this kinda thing isn't scary.

    Inca is a 5yo welsh part bred who I finished backing in March, with the rain she ended up not doing much in April and May but has done gentle schooling since, she's also went out showing in the Spring months to practice being out and about, but this will be our first ridden outing

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    enjoy it, and you are right, October isnt so far away - spotty poppy, also 5 is heading off for her first outing in Oct - gulp
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    Go for it!!

    I'd never been a fan of dressage, but as part of HippoHead's overall education I did an Intro test with him last month and got 49.57%. I was hoping for anything over 40% to be honest so although we were last in the class, I was pleased. He was a bit on his toes but it was a great experience in a controlled environment for us. We're still very much near the start of our ridden career so I really only saw it as a benchmark. Last week, at camp, we did the same test and got 65.22% and I was ecstatic!

    I actually find that not having a caller and having to ride the test from memory helps calm my nerves as I'm concentrating on that rather than everything else, and we've had someone to film it on my iPhone so I can share with my instructor who does dressage and then gives us relevant lessons to improve in the areas needed. And each time I've ridden it I've come away wanting to ride it again. Stressage is becomming a tad addictive!!

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    It will be marvellous experience! When I first introduced dressage to my mare I found that she was quite spooky with the white boards and, if it was in a rubber arena, she didn't like the sound of the rubber being kicked up against the boards but overall it was great fun [she is now working up to Elementary level], and really helped with her education. You will probably be surprised at how well you do!!
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    Thanks guys

    I'm really looking forward to going, we're just starting small and seeing this as another bit of education. The plan is to try and get her out reasonably regularly over the winter to help her relax at different venues. She has a really busy brain so can get a bit worked up about things, it will be nice to just pop along to a few quiet venues to let her find her feet and build some confidence.

    Jobi-wan-kenobi, that's fab progress, well done!! I think my aim will be fairly similar on our first outing, to be honest if we don't get eliminated then that will be fab

    xfarnorthx - I think my mare will have similar spooks at the white boards, she's quite sharp but really feeds off the rider/handler so as long as I'm chilled then she'll get over the spooky bits


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