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Thread: Last event of the season, Burnham Beeches!

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    Default Last event of the season, Burnham Beeches!

    We got our double clear!

    It was so hot today, my poor pony was very hot and bothered so I kept warm ups to a minimum. I felt his dressage was a bit average as the flies were harassing him so much, but the judge was forgiving and must have liked him as she gave us a 30, which put us in 3rd!

    He jumped lovely as always, so clear there. The cross country looked fine, just a couple I'd have to maybe ride him at, he was great though and we went clear. HOWEVER, now bear in mind the ground was hard so it rode quite fast, plus the time was v. easy AND I was riding for the time anyway. I may have gone a little too fast, a lot too fast actually, 20 time penalties too fast....

    I felt terrible, I didn't realize I was flying around quite so much. He got lots of pats and carrots though and is having next week off in the field. Sorry Bobby!

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    Congratulations anyway for your double clear! He looks great!


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