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Thread: A few Eventing reports all in one!

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    Default A few Eventing reports all in one!

    PC Area- Bishop Burton.
    I was really worried about this being the biggest event we had done at the time and my mum being unable to be there. But luckily Mouse's owner came to cheer me one and help keep me calm! Harry was super, we got our best dressage score to date, 32 although the test was very simple. Clear SJ, no thanks to the rider as I rode like a total idiot! And I had to circle in the XC as he spooked at a hay bale which was covering a man hole right before the double skinny brush fences jumped everything perfectly though, even fences which I haven't seen before he popped no trouble even the ones that I thought were massive! Our team came third and just missed out on Championships but we were really pleased with that


    Even more challenging, I had entered the BE100 plus as I was unable to get into the class I had originally planned to do. The dressage was a fairly hard novice test but we finished with a respectable 33.5 with a fair few 8's for his medium trot and canter and an 8 for his paces, so I was over the moon with that as we haven't done anything harder than a prelim together before. The SJ was HUGE, well upto height and it could include some novices fences. We had one unlucky pole which he just clipped behind. He didnt warm up very well at all even had our first ever run out from him which was probs due to the rude older women in the warm up constantly cutting him up and coming close to the fences as we were jumping it and worrying him so I was pleased with our round. We went clear XC, I felt as if we were going abit fast so didn't really kick on just went at his speed but we ended up with 2 surprising time faults despite feeling fast.
    We finished 7th, so our first ever BE rosette
    Pro pics, I'm unsure on which picture to buy?

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    Fab reports. He's such a lovely looking boy! I like the very last XC prof pic the best

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    Well done you!! great pics

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    Well done!!

    Pics - i'd buy the SJ brick fence one and either the first or last XC one.

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    Well done and I agree with FF on pic choices

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    Thanks guys Our confidence is really growing (well mine, Harry is already amazing )


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