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    Quote Originally Posted by Firestorm View Post
    hello daisyduck thats about the only way i can make sense of it. ive got fibromyalgia and chronic/complex regional pain syndrome too ontop of it as a direct result

    and hello mellymoo. it wouldnt b nice hearing th crack ur leg made still (i still remember the sounds of my surgery too and it haunts me) have u seen those jointed stirrups u can get? they may help with ur knee getting super painful as it will sit on a slightly different angle well not so jammed in i guess. there r so many inspirational people here
    No I haven't, but I will go investigate them now. I need an overhaul of tack anyway, so will add them to my shopping list. You guys on here that keep riding with all your issues - wow! It has really motivated me to ride more now.

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    theres loads of equipment that can help people with a variety of disabilities/difficulties but i think all of us agree that riding not only makes us feel normal, but it puts a smile on out faces and helps us forget the card we were dealt, and makes us feel that we do have a purpose i just need help to saddle up. which is rather hard to find :/

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    i had a similar accident to you julz, my horse somersaulted on me as i was trying to roll out of her way, i was taken to hospital and sent home with bruised hips, yeah whatever, everytime i stood up i passed out, i shouldnt say stand i couldnt do anything my legs felt like a dead weight, my poor parents did everything for me for 2 days until my doctor came out to see me, i was rushed straight back to hospital with a broken hip, i was pinned and told that i would never walk again and that i should take up swimming instead.

    i have such pain in my hips however i continue to ride, i alway fell off mac 3 years ago and landed on my neck (some people of NR might remember) i now have no curve in my spine in my neck and have the worst pain all the time, i have issues with certain lights and have to wear glasses all the time after the knock on the head.

    as firestorm says there is so many different items of tack out there to help people with different needs. i used to work at a RDA center and was amazed at all the different types of reins and stirrups and sheepskin pads.

    i hope lots of people who have had similiar accidents or have conditions reads these stories and see that it doesnt all have to stop, everyone knows there limits (even if i dont push myself past mine sometimes )


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