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Thread: Rugging up!

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    Default Rugging up!

    He doesn't kick or anything so legs straps should be a problem as he lets me touch him all over his legs anyways!

    Put it over him today and he was still a bit wide eyed but carried on munching!

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    My horse was 4 when we got her and only been wearing rugs for about a month! So she was really nervy about them and would shoot forwards when she saw it/you threw it over.
    We just persevered, made no big deal out of it. Threw it over her in one fluid motion with lots of 'good girl!'s afterwards. She's totally fine now. Took a couple of months though before she was. It helps sometimes if they're tied up/have someone by their head reassuring them. But generally dont make a big deal out of it.

    Smile because it happened.
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