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Thread: Plus size riders?

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    ^ knew I'd forgotten something Yes, probs the heaviest thing of all, the saddle!!! ^

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    I think for a young horse, a 'plus sized' rider isn't really going to do any good IMO - better to have a gentle start so it can build up muscles etc. properly before having to do a lot of heavy work.

    Depends what you mean by plus sized rider though! I'm 11 stone, so would be classed as too big by a lot of riding schools today, and especially with a saddle I must be a good 12 stone! But I'm actually quite slim, just tall!

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    Quote Originally Posted by patchypony View Post
    I've lost weight for my boy.... just because he was happy to carry me when I was heavier, doesn't mean he should. Also, my way of thinking is the heavier you are, the harder you fall!!!
    nah, more padding when you hit the deck

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    I think you need to consider what you are doing and how much to do of it. I'm a big rider, can't hide from that fact. I am probably too heavy for my boy but we are on a journey together to loose weight and he has done so a lot faster than me because i wouldn't ride him when he was too heavy to carry himself let alone me. Then when i did start it was only walking, despite his wanting to trot. As he got fitter and i got thinner we did a little more and a little more. Now i have jumped a very small jump and i only did it three times (one being a huge cat leap) and i canter once on each rein around the arena, in a field i would let him go a bit but still not very fast/far as i am not totally confidence yet. We mostly do walking and trot now, and that is keeping me fit and him too, in fact he never sweats up anymore. I only keep my riding to about 30mins and if he is starting to seem tired or fed up i stop immediately. I do feel guilty being so heavy and it makes me further my weightloss and not because i want to look thin on him, but because i want to be proud to be seen on him, not worried about what others are saying.

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    As for riding schools, yeah i am glad they have a limit. My local one has a limit of 15 stone for jumping lessons but for flat work they let it go up a little, but put you on a 16hh heavy cobxshire horse who is as strong as an elephant. Never felt power like that in my life!

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    Plus sized riders can be fine as long as they are on something built to carry weight with a lot of bone. As far as youngsters go l wouldn't put a plus sized rider on any youngster as they don't have the musculature to carry weight and as they will be very unbalanced {the young horse not the rider} it can cause serious back problems. l'd say wait till the growth plates have fused before carrying any serious weight - usually between 6 and 8 years. lt's not something l would risk with a youngster when there are so many fully developed horses out there.

    l have a 14h2 that has plenty of bone and wouldn't put a rider on her of more than 1Ostone and that is the absolute max - She'd be more comfortable with 8-9 and l actually keep my weight seriously in check to keep things comfortable for her. Me cutting my portion sizes to help my girl is easier than doing it just for myself


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