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Thread: Welcome to the Competitions Area!

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    Default Welcome to the Competitions Area!

    So, as some of you may have seen I suggested a forum where we can all post about events in our area. I'm now championing this, and am looking forward to hopefully making it a great resource for everyone.

    A few things. Events can include a range of activities:
    • Competitions (unaffiliated & affiliated)
    • Training days/camps
    • Pleasure Rides
    • Lectures/Seminars/Demo

    For now, I'll be making a sticky for each area with the first post, but if there is enough interest these could turn into sub-forums. When you post please include as much information as you can, but in particularly:
    • Name of Venue
    • Date
    • Type of activity (dressage, SJ, pleasure ride etc)

    I really hope this can be a useful place to come and see what's on for us all, and even for those not riding, you can see about things to go and watch.

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    Oh I see.

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    Default Welcome to the Competitions Area!

    Excellent idea!

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    Great idea, I hope lots of people put events up.

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    Think this is a really good idea x


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