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Thread: Clicker Training- Tinks & Annie :)

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    Default Clicker Training- Tinks & Annie :)

    So W'jit was kind enough to come & visit us Hampshire lot today & teach us the ways of the clicker

    What a fab introductory! It was a great session! Tinks & Annie both seem to have taken to it really well! Tinks will definately need a good few no mugging sessions as she's convinced she
    should just be able to have the treats & not do anything I'll let Tasha mention
    Annie's sessions!
    But with Tinks we've established the click means treat, and she was starting to get the idea that the click means yes that's what I want. I think she may get a lil worse in terms of nipping initially but then when she realises that doesn't get her the treat I really think she'll respond
    really well! I just need to make sure I maintain consistent & ensure I reward the good behaviours, which means timing is crucial! Which is a challenge in itself because Tinks moves away briefly then comes back to mug before I've had the chance to click her! towards the end though we were both doing much better so fingers crossed it continues! we certainly have a lot of homework we've managed to cover backing up & walking forwards already today tho so not a bad day at all!!
    There are some videos but I'm not sure who filmed what in the end?? But I'm looking forward to watching them to see the good bits & the bits I need to improve on

    Thank you again for visiting us W'jit! It was great to meet you & to ensure Tinks is started correctly is invaluable!!

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    It was a great morning, thank you W'jit

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    It was wonderful to meet you ladies and your lovely horses at last

    What a cracking day too!

    This is going to be great fun playing with these lovely youngsters.. thanks for giving me the privilege

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    It was really good to meet you and learn so much!


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