Unfortunately, no photos - this ride was new to both riders and all our concentration was on the next Bridleway signs!

Here's the ride:

As I only ride in dark most nights, I take every chance to go on lovely long hacks...
This weekend, me and my friend set off on a ride that was completely new. We had a rough guide of where we were going and had the map on my iphone as a loose guide.

We felt like 12 year olds pushing through new routes, not knowing 100% where we were going... OK, maybe a little extreme, but it was great fun!!

The smell of the alpine in the woods when we got there, and the sunshine in the cold morning, the crisp air.... Everything was just beautiful! (I'm sure we'd think differently if it was raining and windy!)

In total, the ride was 13.5 miles and we did an average speed of 4.6mph - so not too fast. Although we did reach 27mph when we had a race back up the hill near home! Scary, considering I didn't think Thomas was at full speed - after 2.45hrs out already and not really fit!

The ride took us just over 3 hours, but with a few minutes stopping here and there for gates, we were moving 2:55hrs...

I'd definitely recommend Strava for anyone wanting to track rides - just got to remember to start it and stop it (something I mostly forget!).

Hope everyone else enjoyed their weekend, whatever you were doing!