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Thread: Fab hack today- I love exploring ones!

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    Default Fab hack today- I love exploring ones!

    I've recently moved to the same yard as Peaches (who isn't on here much any more as she is working a lot harder at uni than I am ), so we've been trying to hack out together and go exploring a bit! I'm back at my old (old old) yard, from a few years back, so I know a bit of the local hacking well but not a lot further afield.

    As the yard is inside the ring road, 20mins on the roads takes us across the bypass and onto better hacking places. Going over the bridge isn't something Bril has done much before and although he is much better with traffic than he was, he still gets a little anxious. Thankfully the bridge is wide, traffic goes reasonably slow, and Lance is braver than him! First attempt on Monday was mostly done at a sideways canter, attempting to keep an eye on the traffic below the bridge and on the bridge, and get over as fast as possible. Today he was much better on the way across first time, trotted in a straight line and a bit more calmly. The way back was faster with a few strides of canter but straight and not too frantic! He will get braver each time bless him, he is just a little freaked out right now.

    Rest of the hack was lovely and (mostly) relaxed - explored a few new bridlepaths and permissive paths around fields which are part of DEFRAs environmental scheme, which really opens up the hacking. Despite some recent rain, the ground in the field was top notch and we had some super blasts. Note: Do not gallop directly behind Lance, as you end up with clods of earth thrown into your face. I screeched more than once! Both boys were super keen, and Bril decided he was so excited he needed to jog much of the second half of the ride. Once we got back across the bypass he was too tired to jog and settled down to plod the last 15mins home.

    Despite a full clip 6 weeks ago, he was totally dripping with sweat all over as he is a bit fluffier...time to reclip I think!

    All in all a really fab hack-no pics as map and not getting lost a priority, but it really was bright fresh and green out there today-felt like spring!

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    Sounds great Say Hi to Peaches for me. I used to do loads of random exploring and got lost quite a lot, luckily my horse was the sensible one and could get me home from anywhere


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