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Thread: Another Beautiful Hack! **PICS**

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    Default Another Beautiful Hack! **PICS**

    Yesterday I'd arranged to meet my friends just North of Morpeth to go for a lovely long hack, and a good catch up - I don't see much of them, and it's always good to spend some time chatting on and having a girly giggle!

    Although I've got two SJ comps coming up, and an RC SJ training evening at the end of the month, I've already started to lose a bit of motivation. Thomas will have most of December off until the new year as if I'm getting sick of the winter already, he must too!

    Anyway, back to the hack!

    We set off and were only out about 2.5 hours, but this morning, I've gone on Mapometer (didn't have enough battery on my phone to use Strava) to track the hack. We did a little over 9 miles, but without a GPS tracker I have no idea of top speeds and other such things, which is a shame.

    It was really great just to go hacking somewhere different and see different things, and hacking around us is a bit repetitive and boring, so for a longer day out, it's much better!

    Here's the route we took: riding/route_2508651.html

    And, here's the photos:
    Thomas being his usual nosey self - looking everywhere, BUT where he is going!

    Just some of the views

    Taking a break while the girls took their phone calls!! Haha!

    I hope everyone else had a great weekend too!!

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    Ah. Jealous!
    It was a lovely day here yesterday and I was stuck at work

    Glad you had a fab time, and you're right. The scenery is very nice, as is Thomas' lovely handsome face


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