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Thread: Picking a stallion?

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    Default Picking a stallion?

    How do you go about picking a stallion?
    I know you pick a stallion the compliment your mare but there are so many options total mind field!

    We are thinking of possibly breeding Mouse (very small possibility but got me thinking anyway!) Her owner is friends with a guy that breeds and has an Irish Draft stallion and in all honesty I don't think the mix would work well, particularly as if we do breed I'd like the foal to be Harry's replacement eventer by the time he's retired (He's only 12 lol, so got a wee while yet I hope!)
    Personally I'd like to put her to something finer like another finer Warmblood or a Hanoverian. She's 1/2 warmblood by Buskhill Gunner, 1/4 TB by State Diplomacy and then 1/4 Irish bog pony She doesn't have bad conformation but isn't the biggest mover so ideally I'd like to put her to something that does move really big? She has big natural jump and is standing at just under 16hh.

    I don't have many photos of her but this is her at her first hunter trial:

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    If your looking for an eventer you need more blood in there (last thing I'd be looking at is ID or WB as she is 1/4 WB)

    I'd be looking at a good moving TB

    Primitive proposal
    One more tiger
    Weston Justice
    Kings composer

    To name some

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    Esteban looks a nice TB stallion too, he's part of The Stallion Company. Also seen some lovely foals from the TB stallion 'Classic'.

    Agree with Char that if she's already half WB then another WB or ID will only make her heavier.

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    I would be putting a bit more blood and finesse into her with a TB or even good competition anglo stallion.

    I wouldnt put anything heavier into her anyways.

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    Would agree that a TB would be the way to go!

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    Another vote for a TB! You do really have to look at your mare and try and be 110% truthful about her conformation - are her pasterns long or short, length of cannons/neck/back etc - and try to find a stallion that really compliments her. Sadly breeding is not an exact science (as I'm sure you know) and anything could come out - you just try to limit the possibilities. Personally I do like Primitive Proposal a lot - I have a cracking colt foal by him out of my IDxTB mare and he really moves!! However, without seeing your mare in the flesh, and her breeding (if she has any recorded breeding?) it would be hard to really advise on a stallion.

    I would say think long and hard about it before you breed - it is very expensive to breed and get the foal to rideable age, plus anything could go wrong between insemination and 4years. Having lost both a foal and a mare whilst breeding (both unrelated deaths) I know how easy things can (and do) go wrong, even when every precaution is taken. I'm sorry for the negatives, I feel like I'm lecturing, but with the price of horses/youngstock at the moment it is a lot cheaper (and less heartache) to buy a weanling rather than breed (I have a foal due next year, but I doubt I will breed again after that).


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