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Thread: Aches and pains- Human not horse

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    I've had chronic pain since I was eight years old and it took me until I was twenty to be diagnosed with EDS. In my teens, I had a lot of sports-therapy massages with a private physiotherapist, which was costly but had far more effect than the many NHS physios I've seen over the years. In the last couple of years, the physio that work have started sending me to has been using ultrasound therapy, which has been enormously beneficial for acute pain issues, usually the result of a dislocation. I had it for the serious soft-tissue injury I got when I was trampled by one of the youngsters in the field back in May, and alongside massage to disperse some of the congealed blood, I recovered from the injury a hell of a lot quicker than I would have otherwise.

    Definitely go and whinge at your doctor for further tests to rule out as many issues as possible (I spent four years being blood tested every six months for junior rheumatoid arthritis and various other illnesses so if they try to fob you off, keep on complaining). Supplements may help, but really until you know what the problem is, it's going to be difficult to know which supplements to try, or whether they're worth trying at all. An osteopath is also a brilliant suggestion, as I know from experience that a lot of the pains I suffer from are actually referred pain due to how the original ache impacts how I walk and hold myself, so a subluxation in my ankle that makes me more hobbly than usual will result in knee, hip and lower back pain. Then those pains go on to make other areas hurt, due to stiffening or simply sitting with your weight unevenly distributed to compensate for the aches. So it's entirely possible to have serious pain across your shoulders as a result of something else entirely.

    As four socks said, you need to ensure you get a regular appointment, as your body will slip easily back into old habits initially. It will take some time for adjustments in positioning to actually take and become the norm, assuming that there may be something not quite aligned properly.

    Not being old enough for joint issues is balony. I've had EDS since birth as it's a genetic disorder, but it typically begins to manifest in puberty. Similarly, when they thought I had junior rheumatoid arthritis, a lot of the information I was given talked about it manifesting even prior to puberty and at my appointments I met some very young girls, one of them as young as six, who had been diagnosed with JRA. So there's absolutely no age limit on a number of joint-related illnesses. But fortunately, a lot of them can be tested for, so they can get ruled out.

    Gentle non-weightbearing movement, such as swimming, is the best piece of advice I was ever given. I'm on some heavy duty controlled substances these days, and the idea that some day I'll have to move up to even heavier drugs when my body becomes used to them is absolutely terrifying, but by swimming and doing as much activity under my own steam as I can manage gives me hope that I'm prolonging my mobility. Balance balls are great for core stability and regular light resistance exercise can make a real difference. Hydrotherapy was one of the best things I ever tried, although absolutely exhausting, but I had to stop going because it only ran during the working day and my employers got arsey about me having time out for it, even if I made up the time on a different day.

    Good luck I hope something works for you, whether it's harrassing your doctor or going to see an osteo, physio or chiro. Chronic pain is horrible to have to live with
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    I'm 18 and I'm currently (like literally this very second) in agony with my right knee. It's always stiff and sore and often locks into place which takes a good couple of seconds before it 'pops' and I can move it again It's particularly bad today, I've been clipping all day so haven't noticed that much but during and after riding Harry I could have cried it was so painful. I'm now wake with the pain and have a presentation to do at uni tomorrow, oh the joys. I have a lot of back problems but I have a feeling this is a hereditary thing as my dad, uncle and grandad have all had back operations all for very similar things.
    I will book myself into the doctors at some point to get it looked at....

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    I'm nearly 29 and I get pain in my hips which worries me. I've noticed more in the last year. More in the left one then the right, and it clicks several times a day when i move after being stationary for a while. My OH seems to think it's due to the way i sit as i always have my legs up on the sofa, sitting on my hip. Old habits die hard!

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    Do you get any swelling in your joints? Unlikely to be arthritis if you don't I'd go see your GP, maybe ask for a referral to rheumatology if you're really concerned.

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    I'm 24 and have Horrible pain pretty much all over it's a damn pain in the bum really but like others said it all depends on your pain threshold. Keep moving as much as you can it makes a big difference! As TBT said naproxen is good but it's an anti inflammatory so they will only prescribe it if your joints are swollen, agree with 8leggged pony to see if you can get a referral particularly if it runs in your family. Saying your too young for joint problems is rubbish, yeah it's not often that the younger age bracket suffer but it's not unheard of or unlikely either. Speak to your gp it could be a number of things, from arthritis to wonky joints (or both if your me and like to be difficult haha) but the main thing is keep your chin up, keep exercising, and don't let it dictate what you do xx

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    Quote Originally Posted by harlequin View Post
    I'm not all that old I don't think! 33- 34 next week
    My problem is and tbh I'm actually quite scared by this, that I ache so much all the time. I get up sore and I go to bed sore, I often wake in the night.
    If I'm doing something that requires finer hand movement such as plaiting my hand will seize up altogether.
    The area varies, always the same culprit area's but from time to time one will seem to improve. Ie- My right wrist, left ankle lower back (always there) neck and shoulders and right knee are the problem places but sometimes, like today I've not felt the wrist at all.
    Because its not constant I'm told it cant be anything serious. I also have a dodgy hip which effects my riding (as does my back and knee ) But my GP says nothing wrong and im not old enough to have joint issues.

    Arthritis and other related problems seem common in my family-
    Please cheer me up! Are there older riders out there STILL riding with dodgy joints because right now im scared im going to have to call it a day shortly
    You sound exactly like me, I am 34 and do have chronic back issues, but also have bad days on certain other areas and they are also like yours in various parts of the body ie. wrist, hand for plaiting, shoulder etc. the worst is my hip when it locks out i am ******ed, many a time i have had to wake the OH up to roll me over !!!! doc says the same to me ............ I live on ibuprofen and high strength paracetamol or codeine when it hurts

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    I have all the aches and pains associated with lots of broken bones from a mis spent youth. If I don;t move about I get stiffer and stiffer.

    I go and see a Rolf deep massage practitioner and an chiropractic practitioner when things get realy painful. That puts me right for a few months until I start getting painful again.


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