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    I'm looking at converting a lwb van into a horsebox for my miniatures.

    Does anyone have any ideas or has anyone done this before?

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    look for threads by DavidH - he converted a van a year or two ago, and did updates on it on here
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    No, davidH converted a 3.5t lorry, not a van.

    i had one, a recent conversion. it was the bane of my life. It was a 02 reg renault master, have now sold it, and spent 3000 on repairs, and then lost 2000 when selling it, as it still had some issues, due to me being unable to use it, so the brakes had rusted.

    so my recommendation would be not to get a renault. i have heard the transits arent that good either. The best van to get is the mercedes sprinter, but they are more expensive anyway.

    If mine had ever worked properly, it was a great van for loading and going places. i used to be able to load and go on my own, it was so easy, but then it woukd break down! Most of them say they are for 2 16hh horses,but tbh, the weigt is your biggest issue and you would probably obly get two big horses in if they were very fine tbs or something, and then without tack. it was cramped for two, great for just one, but for minis, i guess you could get loads in! i had a removable swinging partition and a solid rear partition, and a grooms area, which you do need for water and tack and stuff, even if you have a luton. the rear partition also had a door in it, which is the in thing as an emergency exit if you cant get the side ramp down on the motorway or similar, but tbh i would prefer to keep horse on board.

    i know if you provide the van you can get a company to do the conversion for about 3000ish, maybe more depending on how much trim and quality you want to go for. where are you based and i can twll you a couple of companies i know. were you going to do the work yourself?

    Ovrrall, they are a great idea, but get the damn van mechanically checked thoroughly, as otherwise you can lose a fortune and end up broken down on the a11 with a pony on board. as a horsebox it was very convenient, as a van, not so much!


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