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Thread: 2yr old colt starting eating his droppings?

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    Default 2yr old colt starting eating his droppings?

    Hi All

    We moved from Wiltshire to Wales in November last year and over the past month one of my 2yr old colts has started to eat his droppings. He has plenty of turn out on fairly good grass (not as rich as the grass in Wiltshire but better suited for a New forest) he gets 1 hard feed a day consisting of Spellers Young stock mix, Mollie chaff garlic, seaweed and rosehip and has haylage at night. He's condition according to the vet is very good - last worm egg count was clear and they are all on a year worming plan.

    Any information/advice/help/ideas much appreciated.

    Many Thanks in advance
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    Perhaps he is lacking minerals. You could add a mutivitamin and mineral suppliment to his feed. I use Feedmark's Benevit Advance.

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    Default 2yr old colt starting eating his droppings?

    Could it be boredom? Could you get a field lick? A vitamin and mineral one will kill two birds with one stone


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