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    well we had a spare stable for a new horse and hansel came up and we already know him because he is kept on the yard and i have always liked the thought of going western so since he came up for sale with view to buy we jumped at the chance.
    my partner is happy now as she gets to keep roxy and silver all to her self and ill have my little western boy lol.
    he is going to need some work to get back into it as has been ridden english for a while so we will have some work to do and im going to need some western lessons.he was backed western and had some more training before being ridden english so fingers crossed he will pick it all back up again easy.
    only got the one pic of him at the moment but will get more this weekend.
    he is only 5year old and is a welsh x arab

    im looking forward to our new adventure :smile: and looking foward to the nice saddle he has came with.abit on the heavy side but ill get used to it

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    Default going western

    He's stunning!

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    Default going western

    He is lovely : ))

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    Oo he's gorgeous, he's a bit like my Mum's first horse

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    Hey! Welcome to the 'other' side!


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