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    My little mare {who will be 5 on the 5th of May} had her first jump with a rider on board today. My cousin {who is brave} hopped on and pointed her in the direction of the jump. We started off with a little cross pole but because she has done lots of raised trotting poles she just picked her feet up and trotted over it . lt wasn't until it got to this height that she twigged that she was actually expected to jump it...

    sundae jump.jpg

    All in all l'm really pleased with her. She didn't stop and didn't balloon any, just a nice little pop. She does have a think 3 strides out about running out but plenty of inside leg and she just says 'OK then'. Clever baby pony!

    Highest cross

    sundae 2.jpg

    Lowest straight - trotted it!

    sundae 3.jpg

    Bit garbled on this one but we stopped at this...


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    What a good girl : )) v pretty too x


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