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Thread: Eventing Diary 2013

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    Great pics! Well done on your placing

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    Just seems very odd to give and re take with one rein lol, I've never heard of that but then again I've never evented and would never have the guts to. Thanks for explaining :-)

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    11-05-13 Richmond Novice

    Well we survived!!

    The weather forcast for today was awful to to be honest I wasn't really looking forward to it, and I was a little nervous! Walked the course when we got there and there were three fences I was a bit worried about...a funny skinny brush thing, a brush/hedge left curve three strides to a corner that was pretty much asking for a run out, and a big fence dressed like a dalmation.

    So dressage...I took a bit too long getting my pony to look pretty so was a little late resulting in him not being quite 'with' me in the test but felt lovely otherwise! Very very happy with the score though...31.5!!

    Jumped really nicely in the SJ warmup so I didn't do very much. Went into the ring and perhaps didn't gee him up enough so had No.3 down and properly clanked No.6! I was in la-la land too so almost missed a fence and had to circle. So on the score sheet it said 12 faults SJ so I *think* it was 8 jumping and 4 time.

    The butterflies were going for XC but as usual I had nothing to worry about!! He was fantastic. I pushed him across the flat ground but did steady him for the majority of the fences so came home clear with about 19 time. Big pats for the pony.

    Videos to follow!

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    Fab! I love Richmond, one of my favourite events but unfortunately I couldn't afford it this month booooo

    How was the showjumping course, was it upto height? I think I might do my first novice there at the back end of the season

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    Quote Originally Posted by NatandShell View Post
    Fab! I love Richmond, one of my favourite events but unfortunately I couldn't afford it this month booooo

    How was the showjumping course, was it upto height? I think I might do my first novice there at the back end of the season
    Yes, SJ was up to height. Cross Country course was lovely though!

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    I too really like Richmond - always been to watch on foot, and then was our first last year! Didn't do it as can do it later in year so doing a new one (to me) Floors this weekend. I always think that Dalmatian fence looks daunting! Well done! Great start to Novice!

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    26-5-13 Bishop Burton Novice

    What a beautiful day for an event, the sun stayed with us all day!

    We had a VERY early start though, I wanted to allow a couple of hours to get there and I was on at 8:06 so set my alarm to 4am to leave for 5am. Unfortunately I slept through my alarm at that ridiculous hour so didn't actually get up til half 4 Thank goodness I was super prepared so literally threw my clothes on, grabbed the dog and left for the yard, chucked his travel boots on and loaded. Left at 4:57am

    Had a great journey down, no traffic at that time on a sunday so it only took us 1hr 35 to get there. Went and got my number and walked the SJ which was bigger and spookier than Richmond. I was a bit too eager then and got on about 40 mins before my test so spent a lot of time stood and walking around, so with that and the heat he was a bit lazy resulting in a worse mark than Richmond but still a respectable 34.5.

    Quickly ran around the course (it was loooong) and soon realised this was not the same course I saw online. Not only were the fences rather big but they had some dodgy lines in there and the second half of the course was like skinny city, I think I counted about 7 or 8 in the second circuit!

    Anyway went back to the lorry and got ready for SJ and for some silly reason I decided to take him in his snaffle que me losing all my steering in the ring, so jumped the majority of the fences crooked. We luckily only had two down but clanked a fair few more I think I'll stick to his kimblewick for now!

    So straight onto XC, I set off from the start box being pretty sure that we weren't going to go clear but to take it very steady and give it our flippin' best shot! To cut a long story short he was unbelievable! He was confident, focused and a complete pleasure to ride. He was absolutely foot perfect throughout the whole course so we came home with an unexpected but fabulous clear. I'm so lucky to have such a horse

    Only Proffessional Photos courtesy of Matt Nuttall.


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    Well done, sounds like a great day! That drop is ****** huge!!

    RIP Adam - 25th October 1990- 8th October 2012

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    Well done, sounds awesome! Some lovely pics there too, what a star


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