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Thread: Stirrups for arthritis ankles

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    A friend with joint problems uses wide tread lightweight (ie plastic or composite) stirrup irons and finds them far more comfortable than standard irons. A lot of the endurance stirrup irons are also slightly cushioned. Might be worth a try.
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    I found this a very interesting thread as my other half as gammy knees and I have a gammy ankle but I find it is the position of the stirrup that effects me as in on my dressage saddle it is fine but in the racing saddle with stirrups so high when not standing up and walking etc my foot is down and my ankle takes the strain in worst place and hurts it after a few horses in a row.

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    I have the Raddery endurance stirrups with cage.
    They are so comfortable for my neck, back etc.

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    My ankles are knackered, without supports these days I struggle to ride, but i have sprengers - the all black and the now balance ones, on my saddles and have 2 different types of cheapy ones on the other saddles. Cheap ones are ok, but I get the best feedback and support from my bow balance which have a wider tread, distributing the weight out more.
    the main difference between the sprengers and the cheapies is what's lurking beneath the rubber.

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    I can't cope with flexis with my uber-bendy and unstable joints (bendy with bendy is a big mess!) but I tried out some lightweight plastic ones with a wedge tread and loved them. Much more comfortable and they seemed to stabilise my knee by helping with my foot positioning.
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