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Thread: introducing the bit

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    we go with the bit we intend to use, put it on a slip head and leave tthem to stand tied up with the bit for 10 inutes to play with, and increase the time they wear it just standing doing nothing. once they are relaxed with tht, start leading them round in it, rope attached to the headcollar not the bit, then depending one the reaction attach some reins and gently start to itroduce the idea of rein signals to them

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    I've always used jam to help. Let them stand for a couple of minutes and as soon as they've stopped chewing- remove. Repeat over the next couple of days and making the time it stays in longer. Never had a problem with any of my babies

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    When I bitted scout and Daisy for the first time I just used a plain french link snaffle and put it in... they played with it a bit and then weren't bothered. Now I have Scout in a sweet iron french link with copper lozenge and he loves it


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