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    needing some advice l have a 2yr old he my first horse of my own and have had him since 6mths however lm curious as to what sort of things people do with their 2yr olds? obviously he too young to be backed but has had a saddle on his back and am currently getting him used to having a bit in his mouth but what else can l do with him??? l do spend quality time with him grooming and sometimes just sitting in the field with him or just leading him any ideas would be much appreciated as lm very new to this altho have had horses before just not a youngster

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    I'm just bitting one of my two year olds now, she will be out showing a few times, then left again over winter. The other 2 year old (and the 2 year old last year) hasnt really have much done.
    I teach them to walk and trot inhand, and stand, have their feet done, and load, and tie up. I give them attention and groom them and stuff but I don't ask much of them, I don't feel there's any real benefit for me to get a lot done with them very young, it can wait imo.

    What can you do with yours? Walking out in hand? Seen people do obstacle course type things with theirs, whatever you fancy within reason!

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    My babypony is just about turning 3 (I don't know his month of birth) so not much older than yours. We go out for walks (sorry but I just can't bring myself to call it "in-hand hacking" ) and he has been exposed to all sorts of things - farm machinery, motorbikes, livestock, pushchairs, umbrellas, small children on noisy bikes, roadworks, lawnmowers etc and as a result he is virtually bombproof! At home we do basic in-hand stuff like stopping & starting on a loose rope, backing up etc to help him learn important things like moving away from pressure and respecting my space. I have also done a bit of desensitisation work (plastic bags etc) although that is pretty pointless with Mouse as he doesn't appear to be even remotely worried about anything Oh and in-hand obstacles / tasks like walking through narrow gaps, under "low branches", through the water tray in the school, over tarpaulin and plastic banners, just to give him stuff to do really. We do this sort of stuff 1 day a week and the rest of the time he's in the field with his buddies, at that age I don't think they really need to be doing things very often.


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