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Thread: my baby Mouselet is growing up!

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    So today the Mouselet went out for his first hack, only his 3rd time with someone on his back... and he was a star! It was quite warm so we didn't plan to go very far, just 20mins or so, and my boss accompanied us on Picasso who is a slow walker and very sensible when he's out with youngsters.

    Mouse stood perfectly still at the mounting block while I got on and sorted out my stirrups. He is very good at halt and waiting, I knew this already from our groundwork but didn't know if this was going to transfer to ridden stuff, but apparently it does! Then we headed off down the driveway, and the horse in the paddock next to the track galloped up behind us, but Mouse barely acknowledged him - just twitched his ears a little. Then we went past his field and his girls were calling to him madly but he ignored them too

    We went up the hill and had a little trot, walked down the other side past several houses with loud barking dogs in the garden (Mouse doesn't mind dogs at all so that was fine)... then encountered a woman with a lawnmower, who kept mowing as we passed and came up to about 2ft away from Mouse's front toes But this is Mouse we're talking about, and he wasn't the slightest bit bothered!

    We pulled into a farm driveway so that Mouse could have a little breather and then turned back. On the way back we had another little trot, but he was clearly feeling his feet on the small loose stones and gritty bits, so I didn't push for too much. It took quite a bit of leg to get him to keep up with Picasso, but fair enough cos it is all so new to him, his steering was good though and he has a nice soft mouth, and he was so chilled out about the whole thing I don't think anybody would have guessed it was his first hack if I didn't tell them! He was an absolute pleasure and I am so, so proud and happy!

    My boss's mum went ahead with the car and filmed a few clips (she has a meltdown if I ask her to take photos )

    I know I'm big on him by the way - I always knew I would be! - but I'm hardly planning to take him eventing He isn't going to be doing massive amounts of ridden work yet, and for now I'm happy to teach him the basics myself - then when it comes to bringing him on more I hope to find a young person to ride him under my instruction.

    Oh and a little question for the barefoot folk. You can see he was footy in patches, I suppose he's just used to being on soft ground as he lives out, should I be avoiding gravelly/gritty ground for now or will it benefit his feet to do little bits of walking on that sort of surface?

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    he's so cute! And love Vegas just following on


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