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Thread: Striding for a 14h2 pony that rides like a horse?

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    Default Striding for a 14h2 pony that rides like a horse?

    l am fine setting out striding for a pony with pony strides or a horse but does anyone here have a rough guide on what to do for a 14h2 pony that very much rides like a horse {obviously with shorter strides though}? For a bounce, 1 stride and 2 stride for grid work - don't want to mess it up the first time l do it with her...

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    2 of your strides for taking off & landing and 4 for a non jumping canter stride. For smaller horses I just use shorter strides, bigger horses, bigger strides.

    Bounce 4 of your strides inbetween
    1 stride is 8
    2 strides is 12

    Just use normal walking strides and it should work fine
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    Thanks for that - you have just confirmed that what l guessed at is right :}


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