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Thread: Arrrggggghhh youngsters!!

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    Default Arrrggggghhh youngsters!! Lunging woes

    lmperial is 4 and is progressing 'nicely' when he is in a good mood. Yesterday however he had a tantrum only the lunge and refused to stop! l normally only lunge for a max of 5-1O minutes as l feel it's too hard work for babies... Well lmperial lunged for 4O minutes, 35 on the one rein!

    l cannot lunge with a lunge whip as he is so sensitive and literally just have to 'cluck' him round and use my voice. Today he was very speedy, pully and totally not listening to me! After 1O minutes he had settled enough to walk but would break back into trot after a few strides, so l pushed him on each time for a couple of circles {making it 'my' idea} and then brought him back to walk. l could not, however get him to do the transition from walk to halt without him trying to turn in and cut across me to put himself on the other rein. l will not coil the lunge line in to achieve a stop and also insist on it being square to me without the quarters swinging out.

    Well each time l asked and then asked again and he totally ignored me so l sent him on again, couple more circles then asked for walk and halt again. l did this time and time again and he would just not stand... Eventually he tired to the point of wanting to walk but l don't like to allow them to dictate the speed on the lunge so pushed him on each time for another half a circle of walk and then asked for halt. Each time he refused - he was happy to stop where he wanted to stop but was not going to listen to me. Eventually we got a halt - he got much praise and l immediately swapped reins and trotted for literally 3 circles, asked for walk and then asked for trot and he did it first time

    He is more unbalanced on the left rein but we always start on the left {when he is usually not listening anyway so it doesn't matter so much about getting 'good' work} then l swap to the right rein which he finds easier, then swap back to the left for a couple of minutes to finish off - doing this l am trying to improve the left rein by doing slightly more on it and also finishing with it on a good note. Because he is still young and unbalanced l tend to walk a circle with him so the circle is much larger than normal with lunging - getting close to a 2Om, so l am helping him as much as possible and l also very much make use of getting behind his quarters to encourage forwards movement and ahead of his shoulder to encourage him to slow, which along with voice ads, usually works. His main fault is falling out through his shoulder {quarters are not so bad}.

    l am seriously considering using an outside side rein to help him with his balance but l am so loath to do this as l would rather him find that for himself so it is more consistent...

    Anyone got any tips on getting him a} softer and b} more willing to do downwards transitions?
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    I was going to suggest outside rein and lunge off two lines. Why are you anti it?

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    Lunging with 2 reins would aid building up his strength if you get more decent work from it. He will still find his own balance, you'll just be helping him along in the harder stages.

    I have always lunged babies with 2 reins and always end up with balanced ponies so can't see it being a problem
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    Midas is four and having similar lungeing issues with him cantering round not listening to a word I say!
    im supposed to lunge over poles to keep him focused as he gets bored easily but now he is using the poles as more of a distraction by insisting he canters or jumps over them.
    a couple of times now have given the lungeing a miss on the assumption that he is now also bored of lungeing in general - so far been good to ride but youngsters will be youngsters lol
    hoping he snaps out of it as always been such a dodle to lunge
    .....maybe something in the air lol


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