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Thread: Ifor Williams aluminum floor kit?

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    Default Ifor Williams aluminum floor kit?

    Has anyone ever bought an aluminum floor kit for their Ifor trailer? How much did it cost and did you fit it yourself or did you have it done by a dealer?
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    Never done one.

    However, I was wandering around Coruba in Rochford Essex buying Stable Matts and they had a whole pallet of rubber cut to fit an Ivor horse trailer.

    It had been cut wrong so they were going to sell cheap.

    I guess it was for new builds and got rejected but would be fine for refurbishment.

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    I actually had the ally floor removed from my trailer and a wooden one put back in!! (Done by dealer, cost about 250). My horses hated the ally and I've heard since a lot don't like it as it vibrates more than a wooden floor. A wooden floor properly checked and maintained lasts 10+ years.


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