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Thread: Cambridgeshire People...?

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    For some reason I missed this!

    If people are still up for it then that sounds fab, thank you! Although following news that my OH is being posted to Canada for 2 months in the middle of August (yay for the army and being told previously he definitely wasn't going...) we're now in the process of moving over the next couple of weeks and should be moved up there completely and settling in by the first 2 weeks of August. If people are still up for a meet up and late August would be any good (we'll probs be pretty wrapped up in the house/getting into a routine before then but my OH will be gone from around the 20th) then I'd def be up for that, or September time, I'm pretty flexible with regards to when etc. once I've moved up that way.
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    Sorry I've not been back to this thread.
    I have so much on August / September that I just haven't had time to look really, and I work 3 out of 5 weekends, but if you all agree on a date, and I can make it, I'll be there


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