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Great report, well done!! You must be really pleased
Yeah, I was thrilled with the SJ result, although I got a funny jump at 1 & 5, I felt I rode much better, much more forward.

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Well Done

Where are you at next? I'm at Aske in a couple of weeks time so hopefully wont just be you posting in here!
I'm at Hutton this weekend. I thought about Aske, but I wasn't 100% on whether I was ready for 100's, especially with the couple of run out that I had schooling (my fault not his - I don't think I was ever committed to the fence). Good luck at Aske & looking forward to hearing about it.

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Well done I love reading your reports! You work so hard you deserve the good placings you have been having
Thanks, I was starting to think that my hard work wasn't really paying off, and questioning whether it ever would, but I see it now Shame the placing was "low" for a 39.1 finish - just 1.6 between 10th and 17th!! My time pens! Haha!

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Great report! Thanks for sharing.
You both look beautifully turned out
Thanks, OH is a great groom!