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Thread: Minimum height for eventing?

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    But she's allowed to jump under pony club rules and unaffiliated courses over that height and does quite happily so I don't understand why this is acceptable but not BE?

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    Just heard back from BE, she can event in BE80 classes My sister is much happier now!

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    Was just going to say - pretty sure minimum height for BE80 is 13.2hh.

    Remember it's not about her in particular, but most 13.2hh ponies wouldn't be capable/safe when you remember that they are normally ridden by younger riders. As well as that, there are 17-18hh horses that may need to start out at BE90 onward and at some point it's impossible to create a course that's safe for all - there has to be a line drawn somewhere. When it comes to speed as well - ponies may be fast over short distances but the MPM for BE could lead to them being galloped flat out round a course by a child who doesn't know better causing a serious accident.

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    ah this rule annoys me too....13.2 for BE80 but 14hh+ for everything NF mare is bang on 13.3 and would give any horse a run for its money on a BE90 course! I wanted to event her and hoped she'd make the 14hh
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    I still think it's a shame they can't compete upto BE100 level and just be required to be assessed by a junior team coach or likewise if ridden by someone under 18. Nevermind it's them that's losing out on money as she'll get ran around the same BE courses just at unaffiliated events now, Northallerton and Frickley run regular unaff events over very similar courses.


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