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Thread: Hendersyde Horse Trials - Another of the firsts!!

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    Default Hendersyde Horse Trials - Another of the firsts!!

    So, it has been a while since we last did an event - the last one was Hutton 22nd June. That was a great outing, with us picking up our first double clear and foundation point, so I was disappointed to know I had such a wait until Hendersyde....

    Unfortunately, I had a funeral to attend on Friday afternoon, so it meant I had to spend the morning getting ready and riding Thomas, before setting off to Leeds. I went on a nice 45 minute reasonable hack, before bathing and cleaning tack. Thomas did then go back in the field for the day, so I was terrified I'd come on Saturday AM to a muddy pony! Thankfully, OH went up to do studs late afternoon to find him clean as a whistle still.

    We set off for Hendersyde, and arrived in plenty of time, so I enjoyed a course walk. It was like a snake - so twisty and bendy, and no rope showing you where to go... I was lost looking at the map and where I should be walking!!

    There were lots of fences I was looking forward to: a drop off the bank down the hill, a double of steps and drop off, a bounce of small steps to a skinny brush, a skinny 'thistle' fence just on its own (nothing either side of it), a open ditch and hedge coming out of the woods up a steep hill.

    The latter I did look at a lot, but actually thought how much I was looking forward to riding it, needing to be forward and keep my contact to get a precise take off. This fence was taken out while I was warming uo - there had been three big accidents on it, one of which the horse struggled to jump, landing in the middle, and couldn't reach the floor with either front or back legs... Another, was a horse put its foot on the front log of the ditch on take off, slipped, and fell over it. They filled in the ditch and just left a small log. I was disappointed as that was my challenge fence, but it was obviously causing a lot of problems. It was very dark, when I walked it, it was difficult to see the ditch in front as it was filled with green evergreen bushes, and the fence take off was up about a 3 foot steep bank, with just enough flat for two hooves... Get the striding wrong and I could see how it was dangerous.

    I looked at my SJ. Now someone you will remember the issues I had at Burgham, where Thomas didn't like the people putting up the marquee? And there were promotional flags nearby too? This was similar, except you HAD to come on the left rein to the start gates and to number one. It was too sharp to come from the right, and too short a distance to cut off the corner behind the last fence (you'll see on the video). The course looked good though...

    I got ready for my dressage, and actually felt a little nervous. Thomas warmed up lovely, although a little tough on the left, but I decided to only ask for minimum bend, rather than getting into dispute about it!

    In we went a few minutes early. Thomas was lovely and obedient, although I was pretty p-ed that people walking to and from another arena came right past my arena, rather than going along the middle as usual... Never mind.

    Here's the test:

    We were timed to go SJ almost straight away, which is unusual as we normally have a long wait! We got the saddle and martingle on, booted up and headed off.

    I don't actually put my back boots on until I start jumping, which is just twice X pole, once straight, once oxer with front X, once oxer with straight front. All being well... I didn't get a good second jump to the oxer, so I did it again, and flew it. So I called it time as I was second next to go. I kept Thomas moving and just before I go in, OH checks and tightens back boots a little.

    Thomas was intrigued by the flags but not's the video:

    I was so pleased!!! ANOTHER CLEAR ROUND!! I couldn't believe it!!

    This is how pleased!! I am definitely framing this one!! (photo by Stevie Purves photography).

    So onto XC. I was meant to have a 2 hour wait.... But I just got ready and thought they can only send me away. I got in with 13 to go. Stood in the shade while said fence was removed, and then warmed up with 4 to go (I only jump twice, it's more about going forward and making sure he is in between my leg and hand).

    We flew round everything! I was thrilled! We came home a little out of time so 5.6 to add!!

    Here's the pro photo I'm think of buying, although I'm not keen on my ski-jump position here!!! (Photo by Grossick photography)

    I was so thrilled to be back out and have such a great day. I went to check my dressage score.... 33!!! I was over the moon!! So I finished on my best score yet 38.6!!


    We came 7th!!!

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    Well done, that's fantastic! You both look great and like you both enjoyed it

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    That's fantastic! You both definitely deserve it!

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    What a great result, well done
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    Well done!!! You must be so proud Absolutely love that pro shot of you guys SJ, such a lovely photo!

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    Well done!! Fab report!
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