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    So had a lot less eventful day today than last weekend; the wagon made it all the way there and back again without any hiccups! It did have a new air tank put on it on thursday so fingers crossed we'll have no more problems.

    It was the BE100 Regional Final today which qualifies for the Grassroots Champs. My times were close together so ran around the course beforehand and it was VERY straightforward and under-height. It was just one big loop, no hills, no big fences, no tricky combinations and a very generous optimum time. I was a little disappointed as was hoping for a bit more of a challenge for the Regional Final!

    Unfortunately, he wasn't in dressage mode today. He was very twitchy and backwards off the leg which resulted in a bit of a sloppy test. He fell into all the downwards transitions and wasn't sharp enough into the upwards ones, plus there were some stunning flashy horses in the section so he was a bit average in comparison, but never mind he can't be a dressage superstar every time out!

    The SJ was easy enough, he's a lot more careful since he's been around some novice tracks so clear there, although he did trip over his big feet after fence 1!

    He flew around the XC just like I thought he would. I was worried he might get time pens for going too fast as the optimum was 5:20 and I came home at 4:52 but he didn't so we finished on our dressage of 34! They were taking forever to post scores so I didn't hang around for results but I think I finished around 8th which didn't qualify us but happy with the pony all the same!

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    Dressage looked good to me but then again my horse can barely hold himself together in canter lol. You do a good job he looks like a lot of horse to hold together! The dressage test seemed very odd, was it me or was the canter work two 20 metre circles? I guess there's nothing odd about that, I've just never seen it in a test before
    Lovely show jumping round, he looks like he really enjoys it. If star had of tripped like that I would have looked very undignified lol but you hardly moved. He looks very bold xc, looks like he'd give you lots of confidence and I think 8th is impressive!!

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    You both look really good he's lovely, I like a lot

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    Thanks guys, turned out I actually came 7th!

    Yeah it's a really weird test, I hate doing it! It's canter in the corner, turn left at B, 20m circle at X, turn left at E and trot at K. So basically you just end up doing like 2 circles!!

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    Well done! Those RF are blumming hotly contested!

    Shame like you say it was a straight forward course

    Oh how I miss you, my symphony, played the song that carried you out.


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