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    Seriously un-impressed with their distinct lack of customer service. I ordered a bit on trial with them last month - ordered it the week before we were due to go XC so i could try it then. Got an email 4 days later to say out of stock, waiting new delivery from NS. So i emailed back the next day to ask them to cancel. Then got an email saying they now had it and it would be couriered that day, did i still want to cancel? Said no, fine to send if was being posted that day. Well that was a lie. Was posted 2 days later so missed having it for the XC. Wasn't a huge problem as mainly need it for hacking so kept it to try for that. Turned out wasn't the right bit for us so i sent back last Monday recorded delivery and asked for them to send me another bit on trial. Nothing. Emailed them on Monday to confirm they had received back and ask when the new bit would be sent out. Nothing. Emailed again today after checking Royal Mail tracking to find they had received and signed for last Tuesday the 06/08, asking them to cancel sending me another bit and confirm they had received the original one back and that they wouldn't be charging me the balance as i'd returned it to them. (Had tried calling last week but no answer and voicemail doesn't let you leave a message!!). Nothing. So tried calling again at lunch time and got through - got told they're short staffed due to holidays and most of the staff being at Equifest this week! (Umm, not sure how that relates given they had all of last week to come back to me!) Anyway, confirmed they wouldn't charge me the balance for the bit i sent back (was bothered they would after no contact from them!) and would cancel sending me out the replacement. Very poor customer service and ridiculous timescales to wait for trial. Definitely will not use again. Should have gone with Horse Bit Hire who i've used before and are very reliable!

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    After reading this post I chose to use Gail at the Horse Bit Hire and am really impressed with her service. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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    My friend has been trying to get hold of them for weeks... no one ever answers the phone. Seriously bad customer service.


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