Things have been a bit hectic recently, but I wanted to share that Bril and I have been XC schooling successfully and with no lameness problems It was a bit of a test of his soundness- the ground is fairly hard although the venue we went to has take-offs and landings surfaced. However as we have no school, all our riding is on hard ground so his legs are pretty conditioned to it, I think.

I went with Peaches and Lance but we stuck to different fields for the sake of napping ponies! I was a bit less confident than I would be with someone on the ground. Also means there were no photos, sorry!

We started off with baby fences which he flew and then moved up to some slightly bigger ones-probably the biggest I jumped were a few straightforward 2ft6 fences. We did a bit of jumping fences into and out of water, and a few drops into water which he used to be super confident with but lost a bit of that last year. He was really taking me into the jumps, and we even ended up trying to give OEH's Xaile a lead over a ditch that was at least a metre wide :O We flew it, but Xaile was having none of it.

I had my first fall in about 3 years at a 2ft6 ish sheep feeder which I initially decided against as I felt it might be too big for us right now, and then came back to it a bit later. Not sure what went wrong as I felt like I was riding positively, he was in a decent energetic canter, but he slammed the brakes on and span left and I went bum first into the jump! Those XC jumps sure are solid I got back on and thought that maybe I had over-faced him, so went to jump a twisty log we've jumped numerous times before which isn't more than 2ft3 and he stopped again. No excuses for that one, so we re-presented with 'positivity' and then went straight back to the one I'd come off over and flew it. I did a few more slightly smaller combinations and tight turns after that and then called it a day as we'd done a lot.

All in all a good day. Legs didn't seem any worse for wear later or the next day, and he has been fine since Also, he was being star loading pony and was up and down the ramp first time, numerous times, as Lance was being a pansy about loading first

A cute pic from today to keep you happy