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    I've just been given 2 young Spanish horses, i'm told they are quick learners. Can anyone share any information on the breed. Does anyone here own an Andalusian horse? I'd love to see photos.

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    I had one, he was more like a dog than a horse, a really good friend and so very quick to learn. I bought him as a 4 yr old, unfortunately he had been overcooked in a pessoa so it took a while for him to learn that he could lengthen his frame and actually cover the ground but he could do all the lateral stuff really well. They are often described as moving like sewing machines - all up and not forward with engagement. Be careful about feed, they don't need much and often can't tolerate hard feed. Also reknowned for having strong feet should you want to try barefoot. Short back can make saddle fitting difficult as they tend to have quite an extravagant shoulder action. Mine was sold on as a stunt/film horse. Will try and dig out some photos.

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    Thanks for reply. I see what you mean about a sewing machine. They seem quite quick on their feet. My two are now being started at age 3. Just lightly ridden, ill be riding them next week. Can't wait though I imagine they are spooky.

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    My sister had a stallion she imported in the 80s, there were a lot less of them around then. He was nice, well mannered and talented. sadly died from colic caused by melanomas at about 17 years of age, the same as his son who my friend kept. Personally I didn't like his way of going, it felt like you were never getting any where which was completely different to my ground devouring TB

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    Yes clava i must admit I'm a born TB lover. They eat the ground, get a good one and they are the sweetest breed out there not to forget very beautiful. I have ended up with a friesian my boyfriend bought me and I love. Sh is th mirror of me and that makes riding her very interesting. 1 of the andalucians is full and the other has 1/4 TB in her which makes her less valuable which to me is crazy as TB are amazing horses. My other mare ruby is only 15hh but 3/4 TB 1/4 cob. A total gem.

    going back to the Spanish horse I only intend to hack them out in the first 2 years, get them forward gears going. I really have no clue what to expect with them. I won be training them as the spanish do in sewing machin fashion lol . The mare Fija pronounced fee haa is a natural jumper with no fear so jumping for that lady.

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    I rode a wonderful portugese horse, he had been trained by an English lady who did not go with the "sewing machine" school of thought and was a pleasure to ride. Big, bouncy canter with a lot of "lift" is typical of Iberian horses, many get tight and tense in the neck when upset about something, but if you have them from the start then hopefully this inclination to shorten the neck can be discouraged rather than encouraged. The horse I rode found lateral work very easy, it was so nice sitting on him, little aid and off he went! They typically find collection easier than extension, don't need a lot of hard feed as mentioned and can be pretty hot horses in general but most who have them say that if you form a relationship, they can also be brave and loyal.
    We need some pictures! I love the look of Spanish horses, they have so much presence
    Sleep tight Cloud, I miss you more than words can say

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    Flechero, 3 yrs old, 15.2hh

    Fija at 3 yr old, 15.1hh

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    What are spanish horses like at jumping?

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    The ones I know are ok, prone to putting in the odd stop and getting legs tangled going into a fence but equally clever at 'screwing' out of trouble. They easily lose confidence though so take it steady!

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    Yes I can understand that. They are so submissive and unsure of themselves around other horses. Quick movers and quite highly spirited.


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