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Thread: Kirtlington sponsored ride with pics!

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    Default Kirtlington sponsored ride with pics!

    Was kindly offered a lift to the Kirtlington sponsored ride this weekend alongisde Peaches and Lance. It's affectionately known as "the broken collarbone ride" after Bril and I had a rotational fall there six years ago. Ironically, the lady who drove us knows the very kind lady who rode Bril back to the lorry park for me, and we saw her on the course marshalling on Sunday too! She said he looked calmer...I'm not sure this was actually true!!

    I've been away for two weeks and Bril has been ridden a few times. I rode the day before and he was keen, on the day he was mad. I don't think I've ever had his head above my head before, but we had that more than once.

    We jumped most things 2ft3 or under, and the hedge which was the final fence which looked a bit bigger to me - unfortunately the photographer had given up on that one by the time we got there but this is the size of it:

    Here are few pics I took of Peaches & Lance, plus links to the pro ones of Bril if you want to have a nosey


    Waiting 'patiently'

    Taking advantage of the opportunity for a canter!

    Water - my hilarious face! I got soaked as he charged through!

    Sleepy ponies at the end!

    Bizarrely we also had several military planes go overhead and drop parachuters out as we went around the ride....
    Great fun day Everything aches still today, clearly my fitness is low!

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    Well done!! you both look fab! brill is

    Ps. Tell A to get back on here
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    looks like a really good day!


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