Okay, so I researched the boots I wanted for ages after my dog ate my old pair that I'd been "making do" with for a couple of years and came to the conclusion I wanted Trizone high impact fronts and a pair of allsports for the back.
This was a good idea because for hacking and general jumping/schooling I could put the allsports on the front cause they're swappable (if they fit both) and leave his backs then for faster work and XC I can put them on the back and put high impacts on the front and I'd only read good reviews for them, now that I've ordered them however I've seen a few reviews saying they they can rub :'(.
So now I've seen the lemieux stealth xc ones and think I want them too so I was just wondering if anyone has any opinions on either or ideally both boots.
I'll try the trizone ones when they arrive and if alls well I'll be happy and keep them but if not I'll sell them and get the lemieux ones to try as they have few but good reviews cause they're quite new and a bit cheaper. Thanks in advance