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Thread: Fat to fit!!

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    Default Fat to fit!!

    I don't think I've started a proper share on here for ages but I need some motivation to get the fat one fit again and I figured a diary might help!

    I moved my boy to a new yard in March this year - it's fab, fantastic turn out (he's lived out since he moved there and will continue to do so until the weather really turns), great hacking and a good arena that is currently being resurfaced.

    Current yard has 100 acres of good, well managed grazing whereas previous yards were smaller and IMO over grazed which meant the grazing was poorer - fine in the summer but the winter was difficult.

    Anyway, due to a combination of factors including me being unwell a fair bit in recent months, cob getting an abscess, me going on holiday quite a lot, arena out of action for a couple of weeks etc, etc he's gone from a *reasonably* slim cob to a big fat beast.

    March -

    Now -

    He's disgustingly obese and I feel ashamed but he's barely fed a thing, is still being brought in for a few hours off the grass and it's bleeding November so there is barely any goodness left in said grass. He's also got a bib clip and is currently out naked!

    Anyway, the fitness plan starts now, he'll be hacked out for about 3 miles tomorrow with some trotting and hill work and then do a longer hack on Sunday - maybe about 5 miles - I don't want to kill him.

    Rather than getting his usual December holiday, I'm going to work him 3 to 4 times during the week to help shift the fat!

    I am however finding with a recent promotion at work and other commitments, even though he's living out, I can still be pushed for time and was pondering whether to look for a sharer as he is the easiest horse in the world to ride but then I am a bit controlling and generally don't let anyone ride him but I have spotted a couple of adds from people looking for shares in my areas that might be worth pursuing!

    Anyway, I'd hoped to get off to a start this week as the arena is about 3/4 complete so we managed 25 minutes on the lunge last night - all walk and trot to let him get used to the new surface (carpet fibre).

    The plan was to ride him for 30 minutes tonight - again walk and trot to let him get used to it but I was partially tacked up and ready to go when they started laying more of the surface so he got another night off.

    Hopefully, I'll manage to do something productive with him tomorrow between selling my car (fingers crossed) and going for a boozy lunch!!

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    Best of luck with the weight loss!!

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    Good luck! The sharer would probably help if you are going to be busy but you need to make the decision if one would be the right thing for you!

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    Lunging over trotting poles will shift the fat and also give him topline (which will make him look less fat). TBH, I think he is overweight even in the March pic, but then I am so paranoid about weight as I had a laminitis scare with one of mine this summer when I was doing all the right things but just 2 weeks off work was enough to catch me out.

    In terms of hacking, I would rather walk out for longer than going for a shorter hack with faster work. Walking up and down hills (if you have any) is the best way of getting them fit (and again, building topline).

    Good luck; your new yard sounds fab!

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    I disagree that he was overweight in March - he was properly weighted in July and was - as the nutritionist said "absolutely perfect" but it's all gone pear shaped since then!

    We have lots of hills and hacking - day 1 didn't start well as due to selling my car I didn't make it up to the yard but tomorrow he'll do a 5 mile hack and then get a full clip.

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    So after not managing to ride yesterday I had a proper pony day today.

    He got clipped and hogged this morning. The we did 30 minutes in the arena - w/t with some canter. It's still bedding down and needs to be levelled a few more times but otherwise seems good.

    Then, we finished off by going on a wee 3 1/2 mile hack round the local loch - all in walk, just to let him stretch/chill and also go give him a bit more exercise - plus we'll be stuck in the arena all week so trying to hack out as much as we can at the weekends!

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    Just out of curiousity, what rug are you putting on him after a full clip ?

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    Just a rain sheet tonight but he has a 70gm or 100gm if he feels cold but he was nice and toasty with just the r/s today.

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    Good Luck !
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    Thanks fatcob.

    We did some lunging last night as the arena surface is still bedding down and I want him to get used to it. He was obviously feeling fresh after his clip which also thankfully makes him look a tad slimmer - although he is still very overweight!

    Flatwork tonight weather permitting!


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