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Thread: Film suggestions please

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    I love The Borgias, it's wonderfully corrupt period drama At the moment I am obsessed with Breaking Bad, it's really excellent.
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    Harry Potter's are all fab!
    If you fancy something chick flicky, a bit of good fun, Easy A is one of my favourite films, Pitch Perfect is another good one.
    If you look through TV listings at the moment as well they have a lot of movies on as it is the run up to Christmas I have loads set to record/recorded already

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    I loved Whip It I am a big horror fan, so a lot of my favourites probably wouldn't suit you but I know NetFlix do a lot of TV series as well. We've just recently started watching Heartland, which is great for a pony fix, and we love things like Dexter, Elementary, Person of Interest, Once Upon a Time and (our guilty pleasure!) Grey's Anatomy. Once Upon a Time have just recently started an Alice in Wonderland themed series (and if you can track it down, SyFy's three part Alice series is brilliant )

    I stopped using NetFlix after my free trial ran out, so I don't know how many of my suggestions you'd find on there but I know it seemed to have a really wide range of things. The more things you watch, the better it can make suggestions for you.
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