My friend is looking to rehome her mare, as she has lost her confidence with her. The mare is fine with other people. She is approx. 15 years old black mare, barefoot and up to date with inoculations, dentist and worming. She is passported. She loads and travels really well (we've taken her from Scarborough to Manchester), leads nicely, and picks her feet up no problem. She was funny to bridle until we tried bitless, now she is fine. You could bridle her with a bit, but she would turn away from you to try to avoid it.

Bonnie is a forward going pony, but with a confident rider is OK and listens. She prefers to be ridden bitless, and at the moment is ridden in a dually halter. She is not great at the mounting block, but if you block her so she cannot turn away she stands fine. She can be mounted from the other side no problem. She may be slightly cold backed, but after about 30 seconds she settles. She is sensitive and responsive, and does not like heavy handed riding. You do not need to use legs on her! She loves jumping, and apparently she was a jumping pony in the past and would like to do this again I think. She is happiest if she is walking next to a human - I have done this a lot over the summer and she follows me happily no problem.

She will come with a fly rug, turnout rug and stable rug, and my friend is open to offers (to be honest, a token amount to seal the deal would be fine as my friend would not be able to afford to take her back once she's gone). A good home is a priority for this girl - my friend is devastated, but she agrees with me that there's no point paying a lot of money to both be miserable! If you want a nice little project, or a companion, Bonnie could be the one for you. Moodymuley and jobi-one kenobi both know the mare, and MM has ridden her once as well.

Transport could be done for the cost of diesel if needed, once my lorry is back from MOT. Please PM or comment if you want more info, and I will get some pics up later if anyone is interested.