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    anyone used those new studs yet that don't have any threads - they're called pro-fit?
    I'm debating whther to ask for them for christmas, but would love to hear any feedback. they sound almost too good to be true! i hate studding...

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    I don't use studs but I've just had a look at them. I'd be sceptical. If it's that easy to just remove the threads and tap them into the hole then why has it not been done before?? I'd challenge there strength to stay in!

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    Good point! A friend has already bought some so i may see how she gets on before i decide to buy!

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    I don't like studding and having 32 stud holes to do on a weekly basis I have got it down to a fine art. But at over 450 for 4 stud kits and the drill bit I'll stick with my supa studs and hoof jack.

    The hoof jack is a back saving piece of kit that I just LOVE. Plus as the others have said I would question the reliability of not losing studs..that could become expensive


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