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    "I am a grade IV para rider and am looking to purchase a suitable horse to compete British dressage. The horse needs to have medium level ability but is not required to be at this level now although it would be a bonus. I need something sane and sensible to ride. The odd 'horsey' unpredictableness is fine but I cannot have something that is likely to have me off often. I am currently competing novice regularly but ride to elementary level. I am currently riding and competing my trainers ad/med horse. I am looking for a team member that we can progress through the levels together but also compete in the para classes. I am not looking for anything younger then 8 years old as I need something that has passed teenager years and has enough mileage that he/she knows what life is all about. If you think you have this please contact me"

    If anyone knows of anything suitable please comment or PM me thanks
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    Is there a height range? I do know of a possible but he's 17.2h

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    No there isn't a height range - anything from 15hh to 18hh but it depends on the horse. The Adv/Med horse she rides is pretty big! Thank you
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