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Thread: 2014 Slimmers Fit Club

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    Ahh I need to get back to eating healthier and going to the gym again - I was doing so well until my op a week and a half ago.. went to the gym once since, but as the cuts are on my boobs all I could really do was the bike which I hate!! Hoping to get running again when I go home for the holidays on Tuesday.. might just double up on sports bras I always eat healthier at home anyway... just need to watch the pud

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    well done Robyn your on a proper roll!! and good luck to the other slimmers.. am still on it!! not needing to lose anymore and with my intense gym activity finding I dont need to worry so much about calories tonight was at the gym doing a double spin session!! mostly I try and be good with food but I do tend to fall off the wagon with the food when I think I am abit light!! fall face 1st into the biscuits!! need to still try and be healthy and not eat a load of crap!! I asked 1 of the gym instructors whether fruit pastles count as 1 of your 5 a day!! she said Steph of course it does!! good to know!! haha

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    Ran my first 5k race yesterday with a time of 38:12.

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    I desperately need to join in with this thread . I've put on a silly amount of weight and none of my clothes fit anymore ! I struggle as I live alone and spend a lot of time at home (student with very few contact hours so most of my work is done at home)... it's so easy to eat constantly all day! I'd like to have lost a decent amount of weight by my stepsister's wedding in late August (mainly because i decided which dress i wanted to wear before I remembered I haven't been able to do it up for a year ).

    So far (embarrassingly) the thing keeping me in line is a little note I've put on my whiteboard - 'eat today like you'll meet Tom Hiddleston tomorrow' - it's the only thing stopping me raiding the biscuit tin

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    Does anyone have any good exercises to really tone up abs/get rid of tummy fat? Since September I've been going to the gym regularly, and I'd normally do 40mins of intense cardio, followed by a little bit of the toning machines, and eating relatively alright, and my body didn't change at all. Anyway I'd been speaking to my friend who's done amazingly well and dropped 3 dress sizes, and her personal trainer basically said you can be running 5k every other day (basically what I was doing), for as long as you like, and you will not lose any weight.. It's about weights, toning and WHAT you eat (i.e. not just eating less as I had been).

    So now I've started up again (had a while off as had two lumpectomies so any boob jiggling was avoided ), and I've been doing less cardio (still 20mins or so, as still want to keep fit generally, but want to have enough energy to lots after as well), and then loads of work on the toning weight machine things (like the hip abductors/adductors and the pushy upy leg ones) to do my thighs/bum, and my friend has just started showing me how to do the arm ones (which was a struggle as I have no upper arm strength ), and then we've been doing crunches/side crunches/planks/leg lifts/Russian twists etc etc with the 5k weight balls for ab work (as I do not think my body is aware what abs are). I've been trying to eat more protein (although mainly through eggs as I can't afford a lot of meat as I won't buy cheap meat!), and trying not to have too many carbs in the evening..

    But does that sound like it's on the right track? Does anyone have any more suggestions? I've always been relatively heavy, but not fat for my height if you see what I mean? So I don't really know to what extent it's just my body shape that I can't change, as I've always eaten healthily and been active (apart from my chubby phase as a child ). I know I'm never going to look like my skinny friends in bikinis as my hips will be having none of that haha, but I just want to feel confident in a bikini without my tummy jiggling away (happy with the rest of my body!)

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