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Thread: mermaids: the body found.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ameysmum View Post
    I wonder if a creature such as a mermaid exists though.. You never know I guess.
    I didn't see the documentary, so am not sure what a "mermaid" is supposed to be ...

    Part of the human evolutionary chain, like a water human? Or a fish with a human face? I think the origins of human facial structure have been tracked to a species, the Romundina, that existed over 400 million years ago. There are modern species of fish with epically human-like faces! Quite Disney- like!

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    There's been a few mermaid docudramas over the years. They're a lot of fun and quite thought provoking in terms of evolution. I wouldn't call them hoaxes, as they're not deliberately trying to make people believe they're real, but it's a work of fiction like any other, just in the format of a documentary. I saw one about dragons years ago, and the special effects were brilliant.
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