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Thread: Schooling photos

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    Hopping about in suffolk .....


    Don't think boobs out .... that will give the wrong effect You need to think about your pelvis being tipped up like a string from your belly button pulling up so bum underneath you seat interacting with the horse, abs working and shouldlers relaxed and sitting up

    Lovely looking horse!!! Pics and vids are a fab training tool

    Oh how I miss you, my symphony, played the song that carried you out.

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    I have an appalling habit of being round shouldered and tipped forward. The best help I have found was an instructor who said think of a balloon being attached to your hat and it gently pulling you up. Another visual thing you could use is look at the photo of you side on. If you took the horse out from under you would you stand up? Or would you tumble over?

    Well done you for being brave enough to share and ask.

    You make a pretty picture with your beautiful horse :-)
    Keep trying and eventually you will crack it....


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