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    Against my OH's wishes ("some mad bint made me get up early on a sunday to go competing when she should be in bed getting better and cannot trot without sweating" lol) I decided to go ahead with the dressage today feeling a bit better on antibiotics

    It was a different venue and the warm up was crammed but my ladyship who has been an angel in the last 3 shows was a pet and didnt throw me into the air in her renowned rodeo at having her space invaded

    The test as outdoors and after half of it I was pooped so any errors were mine especially the end when we turned early causing wobbles

    Anyways we were 4th out of 13 with 67.27% and 3rd was 67.72% was very close and well pleased with us both especially her

    It meant alot to me that she was so good somewhere new and boosted my confidence for upcoming first county show

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    Well done, glad you had a good day

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    Well done


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