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Thread: Equilibrium Therapy Massage Pad and/or Magnetic Back Pad

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    Default Equilibrium Therapy Massage Pad and/or Magnetic Back Pad

    Does anyone have either of these products that they'd be willing to sell?

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    I'm not selling mine but I have the massage pad. If you're after something I did a bit of hunting and found mine for 150 online off a tack shop in Scotland. Although having had friends who have used both, I'd probably look more towards an equissage personally. If I could find one that was affordable I'd buy one and then put my equilibrium up for sale.

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    Yes but the equissage is a lot pricier and I can't afford that.

    Did you see any difference in your horse(s) after using the pad?

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    I am not selling mine but I chose mine over the equissage, the pad actually won a best buy through H&H, the equissage for the price tag it carries is a rip off, we have one on our yard for renting out and it just rolled right round on Ted all the time unless he stood stock still, was too loud for Minstrel but the pad I find is closer to their bodies, Ted enjoys it more and can move around freely wearing it. Horses for courses but I think its the bees knees and even if I came into some money I must admit I would not be interested in the equissage!

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    Wychange Barton are the cheapest I actually have noticeable results with the magnetic pad

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    That's awesome, thanks guys! There's a couple of the massage pads on ebay starting at 100 so hopefully I can pick one of those up second hand.


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