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    Default No adult teeth

    Oakley is coming up 3 this year but still has his very first foal teeth at the front (2 top front and 2 bottom front).
    Before I start I will add that my vet has had a look in his mouth and I have had a chat with her about the teeth etc.

    My worry is that there is no adult teeth to come through, and if that is the case then he will need these foal teeth removed as they're not fairing very well due to the wear on them (he can't graze properly anymore although hes still giving it a good go!)
    So how will he cope as an adult with no front teeth?
    All his other teeth are fine and he can still chew but obviously if he has no front teeth will struggle to graze more then he already is.

    Is there any supplement/feed that I can start him on that might encourage the adult teeth (if they're there) to start growing through? Or is it a case of seeing what happens on there own?

    I've never come across this before so I apologise if the questions I'm asking sound silly. Humbug grew his in bang on at the right stage and never had a problem so I never experienced this sort of thing with him.

    Thanks for any advice
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    No advice FG but bumping for you in case someone else has any words of wisdom

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    My Oakley is 3 and his have just started coming through now. Could it just be he's a bit of a late developer?


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